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dramatic installations
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get excited

get excited

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All that glitters is Santigold. 

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gobbling inspiration
• vintage wood bistro chairs with early 80’s comic book wrap (2 available)
• vintage mod school chairs with new print cushions. (2 available)
• retro brandy chairs (2 available) 
• vintage comic book fabric pillow

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Please enjoy! 
DJ Spooky for the red, yellow & green
Dramatic installations • Original furniture & design • Coming Spring 2012
Sacramento Fashion Week 
February 2012

The bang! bang! ART Studio 

designing runway & esthetics.
vip area furniture & display.
The thinking chair. 
bang! bang! ART studio
still uses colored pencils & paper…
Original wall art. Design, artwork & installation by bang! bang! ART studio (with hi5 help from Todd & Sarah)
Inspiration for Spring line 2012 furniture & home goods.